Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Google Earth in Trouble

Something which is very innovative which is totally new and has an element of distinctiveness has to be in news either for good or for bad reasons. Google Earth on the 7th Anniversary of Google is in trouble with countries like India, Korea and England objecting the satellite pictures which feature on the website.
Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. One can download the software Google Earth from the website and install it on the computer view every finest detail of a place or a building. By using google earth one can view the North Block, The south block the dock yard of mumbai the Prime minister's residence and numerous other places which are humanly inaccessible and come under Z+ security.
Google Earth is an innovation in itself and is perhaps the best way to see the earth other than seeing the place in reality. Its a huge application and is very memory and bandwidth intensive.
The controversy was raised today on the star news channel when it mentioned that google website is capturing all the high security zones of the country with the help of a satellite and this is posing a serious threat to the country on a whole. Nothing is happening intentionally but seeing the technology advancements happening, this kind of tool can be a boon to the people involved in anti social activities.
Lets see what is the Google's Take on this news.


Anonymous said...

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Kumbhakaran said...

what would it matter to the americans if we dont like google earth. its their technology so can can use it anyhow they want.
and due to all this publicity by star news more people know about google earth now so now more people would use it to see restricted areas. so star news did nothing but bad publicity

Yashasvi Arun said...

Well to a extent u r right but in these type of cases precaution is better than cure. We do not want yet another 9/11 or Kandhar to happen

Arun R said...


But I am not able to comprehend how someone can use the satellite pictures to declare war or commit acts of terrorism....

what they have shown would have been available easily to anyone who is hell bent upon getting it or wants to commit terrorism.

The fotos are significant in counties which wants to hide a lot of sensitive activities, like North Korea which wants to cover its nuclear weapons program. For countries like India, I dont think they pose a security threat as they have shown in news articles.

Yashasvi Arun said...

The fact that the software can go to any amount of depth in terms of showing the structure is the major cause of worry.
Remember You cannot go into the Mumbai Dockyard interiors with a camera or something.
Hence the problem.
Why to employ some person on the site when such a website is freely doing that.

Anonymous said...

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