Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Torture called as SBI Card

I have been using the SBI Card for now close to 3 months. It has been a pathetic experience for me right from the beginning. Here in this article I describe my experiences with SBI first and take up BSNL next which is a little better in the aspect of providing service to the customer.

SBI Card was given to me after forced attempts by its agent. In the first place the card which was issued to me was not supposed to carry any of the Insurance premium as applicable. But to my surprise the guy who filled up the form for me ticked that column of insurance without my approval. When I shouted on him, he removed it. But the story does not end here. When I receive my card to my surprise I also get an addon card together with the Insurance premium amount also. First of all with SBI Card one has to activate it by calling one number which they call as the 24 hour helpline which is busy for the whole 24 hours in a day. Then those people do not understand for what we have called.

Afterwards the real trauma begins. The application has your date of birth wrong so you will not be able to use the phone banking. The internet banking for SBI Cards is not working for the past two months and its managed by GE which is really pathetic in the outsourcing work. The website shows this all the time. Soon the pain with the emails start. Its a really great pain to deal with the people on the email system. After atleast 6-7 times one mails the people out there understand the request. One day I suddenly get a call from Chennai regarding SBI Card Balance Transfer option and it so happens that after a few days when I decide to exercise the option, there is no person to contact to. In the SBI Card division one department is not talking with the other department at all. Gurgaon people have no clue of what the people in chennai are doing and vice versa. It took me close to a month to get my balance transfer cheque courtesy the great system implemented by GE.

Even the balance transfer cheque has its own clauses. If one does any shopping within the balance transfer period it would attract finance charges right from the very first day. This is not mentioned anywhere while the scheme is availed. The SBI Card proclaims it to be the best card available.

If this is the way SBI Card is doing the business it will be soon out of the competion. HSBC is perhaps the best credit card available in the market. The transparency in their calculation is really out of the world.


USK said...

Some experience you had... huh? Well I am never going to take a SBI card after reading your post. Even scared to think of it... ;)

Rohit Nair said...

Agree with you Yash... Besides the trouble mentioned by you above.. I've also been facing constant trouble with the SBI ATMs, more than half of which are under repair and the other quarter under upgradation!!

The ATM is finally of no use!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yash,

I give you full marks for the experience with SBI. Its the most pathetic card and most pathetic service. I used to drop the cheque for their credit card payment at the Mayur vihar sbi bank branch and Lo !! they would never receive it. I yet to meet a more lousy cc bank. Thanks to god that I have closed the card long before though i still get calls for their annual charges !!



tauseef said...

Get BOB Card this is Credit Card of Bank Of Baroda , just 1.99 % service charges its really cheap and services are good .And no hidden cost Really good for Middle class.