Thursday, October 05, 2006


Its been long since I blogged. I was busy for a few days in the last two weeks and on other occasions, was lazy enough not to capture anything on this blog.

Anyhow after a long time, I am at home for Dussehra or Vijayadasami (whatever you call it). Perhaps this time its the best in terms of enjoyment. First of all, three days holidays courtesy IT companies. Three continuous holidays definitely sets your mood for the entire week and for the festival also. Finally, today’s family outing which was like icing on the cake. It was just too good. How the 7 hours passed away we did not even come to know about it.

Today we visited a place by name Vargal near Medchal about 50-60 KM from Hyderabad. The drive to Vargal was really good one. I enjoyed every moment of it as I drove the car from Home till a village close to Vargal. Pothholes free highway and no traffic made the drive a smooth one. Lush greenery, calm and cloudy weather added vividness to the trip ensuring that no tiredness sets in. We reached Vargal by 2:00 PM and stayed there till 3:30. Enjoyed a little bit of rock climbing and photography was as usual at its best with the Sony Cybershot. The weather really supported us as it did not rain even an inch. Although it was quite humid, it was manageable overall. Vargal is abode to Saraswathi Devi one of the alankarams of durga. One can have a scenic view of the green fields from the top of the rocks situated around the temple.

The next stop for us was the Ratnalayam temple situated close to Shamirpet lake which turned out to be our last destination before closing for the day. Ratnalayam temple is one of the very few temples constructed on the lines of Tirupati Balaji. Although it’s not a natural origin of the god nevertheless the sanctity of the place ensures a spiritual atmosphere all around the temple. The temple is pretty big and is surrounded by park with seating all around inside the park. We had evening snacks kind of stuff there and from there packed our bags to leave for Shamirpet lake.

Shamirpet lake is a place which has become famous because of word of the mouth publicity. AP tourism does not really project it as a tourist spot since it’s on a very rocky terrain and not ample facilities are available to reach till the spot. There were some Durga idol immersions going on and we did have a photo shoot out there albeit not very great.
We came back home very tired at about 8:30.

It was one of those most awaited picnic for our family. Nice one and much better than the ones we had in the past.


Karan said...

good that u went on a picnic:) karan

Ash said...

I was searching for some info abt these places.. Its nice to see your experience.. I am going to visit these places today..