Monday, February 19, 2007

Back Again

Quite some time since my last post. To be precise about two months and to put in another way my last post came last year december when I was in London.

Off late my enthusiasm for writing something for the blog has come down to a large extent. The reason being the environment around me which can be best put in the words of KHV as a "dynamic world".

From October till January I was in London. Before I left for UK, my state of affairs was no good with whole lot of issues circling around me. In UK also problems did not leave me although I had my share of fun meeting people like Gurmeet and having some good time with Sreeni and Girish. Needless to mention the name of Vinay and Ranjana. Thanks to Ranjana I survived in London.

I came back to India in January hoping for the uncertainty to end but in vain. For a few weeks I was working on some research paper and now these days I spend a lot of my time in doing intra-day trading and observing markets only. Its pretty interesting stuff and makes you understand a lot of things. Have made some money but lost more.

Have some stuff on Calypso to work on but its something which I do not like to do. Let me not bore the readers more with it.

I will be back with some good posts on UK sightseeing and yearly round up within a couple of days, till then enjoy this commentary by Swapna on KBC 3

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Ranjana said...

Thanks for the kind words. We too enjoyed your company in London.