Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My End of Classes at TAPMI

Hey I have finished my classes at TAPMI today. It's a great feeling altogether. Actually many subjects got over much earlier like IRSC and MRAQ but then as always the finance students get the crushing till the end right from the beginning. The last class was of Project Finance by Prof. Premchander. He covered lot many things and as always very few people had come to the class. Now only one quiz of simulation is left in the course curriculum other than the project finance end term and IPRS end term. Our NBMS party is also scheduled on wednesday which perhaps will be the greatest party ever I believe. Hopefully I would be alright by the end of the party. Today I had a great discussion with Prof. Badri. I have not seen people like him before. So down to earth and calm, I really adore him. We talked about F 1 and he told me that he makes friend's in every batch. So today we both became good friends. My joining of polaris is gonna be in 3rd week of may. Good later the better. ok I close the blogging for the day have PJFN end term tommorrow. catch u tommorrow. Bye

Yashasvi Arun, PGDM TAPMI, Tuesday March 15, 2005, 2:05 AM

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