Saturday, April 23, 2005

I am Back

Ok ladies and gentlemen I am back. Its a been a long time since I had last posted something on my blog. As always I have one reason for all this. Time. Well we will leave all this at this stage and proceed to see what has been happening for the last few days with me. To be precise I blogged last time close to 38 days before.
I was waiting to blog and put across my views on several issues which I came across in these days but then some other prior commitments and had put me in work.
Coming back to my personal issues, I have finished my diary writing which was pending for the last 35 days to be precise with all the moments captured in properly which had some absolutely great moments of my life. To top all those events was my CONVOCATION ceremony for the PGDM course in TAPMI. It was a all in all a great experience and a feat in its own. Then we had our Goa Trip which is perhaps the most memorable trip I had undertaken in my life till date. The most enjoyable and perhaps once in a life time kind of a feat.
With my completing the diary fully I have all the details of TAPMI right from joining that is 28-June-2003 till 26-March-2005. My diary has the account of all the days in full terms and can tell how the days have went by and what kind of problems I had faced in these two years. It has some loving memories and some things which I would like to forget.
Also the account statement for my two year stay at TAPMI is ready with all the expenses excluding the fees provided. I will be updating those also soon.
This was the brief. I will be posting blog entries on numerous other topics like the Goa Trip and CONVOCATION.
The next blog entry will tell u what I am doing now.

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