Thursday, December 15, 2005

Corporate Team Outing - 3

In the past 3 months of joining the respective teams, this is my third corporate team outing. But it was the best of all. The first one was a plain dinner and nothing more than that. The second one happened in Pragati Resorts about which I had already blogged earlier. This time it was a mix of dinner and bowling.
This time the size of the team was big as two teams under one project manager were clubbed for the outing. Here in Polaris it is called as Stream Outing. I am yet to figure out why it is called that way. We went to a place in MPM Mall, Abids called as Knockin which is akin to Alleygator in Secunderabad. It has all the games like snookers, pool, billiards, TT, Bowling Alley and several others. We played three games but unfortunately our team lost. It was my first tryst with Bowling. But it was great fun, since I was the only one in the team to get a Strike. The team spirit among all the people around me was absolutely superb. It made me feel as if I was in TAPMI again. Sreenivas's team won the competition and we finished third.
The next destination for us was the restaurant Palace-Heights in Abids. Its an old restaurant and last time I came here was for the TAPMI alumni party. The food was great and finally the bill was also great. We had a great company this time with Sreenivas, Ravi and Mandadi joining us. It was a mix of people who were laughing like hell and cracking all types of nasty jokes (like me) to the other extent where some people were just enjoying the food to the core. The party ended at 12:10 and by the time I reached home it was 12:30. Inspite of a busy day and load of work on our head we enjoyed the day tremendously. It was really like reliving the TAPMI parties. Perhaps one of the best team outings I had till date.

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