Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Well must be wondering what does the title of the post means. If all of you are using the Microsoft Office 2003 version, you would have noticed a folder by name OFFICE 11 in the program files folder in your computer. Well that was the code name of Office 2003, which is the current version of office available in the market. The next version of Office which is due to release in 2006 is code named Office 12. Nothing has been decided on the name of the version as of yet. Office 2003 came in the year 2003. Some important facts about the development of the OFFICE 12 is that it is going to have XML as the standard for the development in totality. In the earlier versions of Office like XP and 2003 also XML was used as a tool for development but in the OFFICE 12 it will be totally based on XML. XML will become the default file format for this version of OFFICE. The new technology will give Office users higher levels of data interoperability at the client and server levels. It is expected that the new shift to the XML file system will cause some kind of compatibility issues but Microsoft has said it will have no major problems. XML is almost everywhere on the web now. We also use XML feeds for our websites and they are the best to use for content syndication. Well perhaps use of XML in Office will definitely make the word, excel and powerpoint documents more amenable for interoperability between various levels. Microsoft used the binary file format in its earlier versions of office. I think with XML coming into the arena now, Microsoft will take it to the next level and tremendously improve office products.

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