Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back to Hyderabad

Its really a long time since I have blogged. People who might have visited my blog must have noticed absolutely no activity after close to 12th June 2005. The reason being on 14 June I joined Polaris Software Labs, Chennai. My first job. Quite possibly a big challenge in store for me. Today I also got my posting. Its in Hyderabad. Yet again I am back to home town.
But am I really Happy ?
Only I know.


Arun R said...


Looks like u r not happy with your posting!!!!

May i know why???

Its always better to stay at home and work. Ask me how I am wishing that I get posted in Bangalore.

All the freedom and things that you might be thinking is bullshit..... so enjoy life at home!!!!

Rex Tom C Vadakel said...

Hi yash, I thought u might be jumping up and down over ur posting, anyways, u r one lucky chap....time to go bingo....all the best yaar

geniusOid said...

Apropos ur post on p2p tools, i believe u r "as usual" outdated in terms of ur info. p2p is history dude. Torrent is the new technology tht works on utilzing the unused upload bandwidth tht p2p never exploited.