Monday, July 25, 2005

Chennai Visit

Well I am back but after exactly 8 days. Today I was almost dying to write something from morning because several things happened during this week which needed to be put into words and expressed. Ofcourse the main one and close to my heart was the chennai trip which had a both official purpose and personal purpose to be served. Although very little to do with the official part of it, nevertheless we took a photograph with the CEO which made it look official.
The official part of the trip was the Chennai Polaris Day which was held in Chennai Trade Center one of those places akin to Pragati Maidan in Delhi. It was a fun filled event in which the first part of the event was dedicated to presentation made by each of the corporate functions and the second part of the day was dedicated to the cultural programmes which included Group Songs, Dances Skits etc. No end to it crowd going bonkers over the show in many cases which included the Rajnikanth related performance. Of course regionalism dominated the entire Polaris Day Culturals which included 5 out of the 7 shows in which Tamil was the language of conversation. Moreover our MTs played a very crucial role in the entire roll out of the show. One aspect of all the program to be kept in mind is that all the programs had to do something or the other with the organization and the SDLC in IT projects. Well I enjoyed most of the programs being an audience and ofcourse our people Anjani, Ramakrishna and Kranthi were part of a western group song which in itself is oxymoron. Will not be revealing more details here. After the closure of the show we all left for Navalur. It was raining cats and dogs in chennai on that day and somehow we managed to reach the guest house well before closure of dinner and without getting drenched. What happened in night only three of us know.
The day after was a mixed bag. Having a talk with one of the members of my fan club and obviously the other member is extremely angry with me anyways. But I can't help it. The decision is a conscious one. In the afternoon we all went to VGP. All refers to Arun P, Anjani (we managed to pull him out somehow out of the guest house), Rama, Bhadra, The one and only Kranthi, and above all Vasudha. Even Mr. Anirudh joined us. It was the birthday of Bhadra so we did a little bit of cake cutting too. Nice time we had. Although I was there for a very short time only there I did enjoy that part of it. Then I started back with just one hope in mind. As Amitabh Bachchan puts it
"Umeed Pe Yeh Duniya Kayam, Umeed hai to aap aasmaan chusakte hai, Umeed hai to aap HOT SEAT par bait sakte hain."
Well as I said before in my blog entry that I am not very lucky in number of incidences which happen in my life and this is one of them. Fine I reached Egmore 1.5 hours before the Bus departure itself. Boarded the bus and came back to Hyderabad with a skeptism in mind.
Well when I started this post my state of affairs was very different and my mind was in a kind of different state altogether. But the kind of storms it is undergoing right noww are highly disturbing and effectively can make me absolutely tired. The best way to understand two states. first one is good and second one is bad.
I will close this post here as Mumbai undergoes severe flood wherein even my friends are caught and had to stay in office throughout night.
Let's Hope things get back to normal soon.

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Arun R said...

Ok... So its a girl!!!

There is no other species in this world which is capable of creating "a kind of storm that is highly disturbing and effectively can make you absolutely tired" in you mind!!!!


Pyaar Bekaar Ki Museebat Hai!!!!!