Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Uncertainty Prevails

Well my life can never be standstill. It likes to be challenging and changing all the time. Whether it was the posting in chennai or something else which is happening right now. I have good capacity to adapt to changes but I am not quite sure where any change will take me. What is happening right now is the same. Project Management Office I thought was perhaps the ideal job for me. But after getting to know insights about the office I felt that I should get out of it. So this is one situation wherein the market demand and growth work over personal interest. Let's see where do I go from here.
Although sitting idle in office can be very frustrating but sometimes we can make it a little better by doing certain things. Today in the office I read the latest book in the Harry Potter series. I could read only about 10 pages and then we got some work to do. It was based on securitization. Not much can be told here because of the disclaimer. Tommorrow is the D Day for me. Let's see what's gonna happen.
I do not know whether this post makes any sense or not. But I felt like posting something and vomited out whatever I wanted to.


Arun R said...
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Arun R said...

Has this D-Day got to do with someone who is of the opposite sex?

Anyways, hope the results works in favour of you!!!

Swapna. said...

All the best for ur D-Day..

Anything happens ....happens for the good..

who knows whats in store for u..??

Im sure something more challenging is awaiting for u in d near future!!!!

Krish said...

U had certainly vomitted...It stinks man!...Jus kidding...By the way, Cheer up!...We saw ur adaptability at Ohris on my B'day treat...didnt we??:-P

Anonymous said...

Hi so it seems you are very busy nowadays huh!!!! No time to mail your friends from Polaris...by the way done a good job on this blog!!!!