Monday, August 29, 2005

The Elegant Universe - 2

As I had mentioned in the earlier post about continuing here I am. Well the last part of the series was aired on sunday night from 10 to 11. Believe me it was a treat to the eyes to watch all the happenings in the Atomic scale.
If one has read Atomic and Modern Physics in detail let us say from standard text like the Reznick and Halliday, one would come across the Fermilab. A fermilab is basically a research laboratory which provides leadership and resources for qualified researchers to conduct basic research at the frontiers of high energy physics and related disciplines. One of the foremost discovery which took place at the Fermi Lab was Quarks. Thereafter numerous particles have been discovered in experiments which are conducted in 4.5 Miles long accelerator.
In one of the experiment concerning string theory, two protons were made to collide with each other. No observations were made when the collision took place sideways kind. But when the collision took place head on then a particle called as Graviton was formed. The identification of such a particle is that it is not visible in the results but decreases the mass of the two protons. This graviton is the most important and vital particle to explain the string theory.
But there were lot of problems with the String theory in the initial phase. There were in total 5 views of the same theory proposed by various scientists across the globe. But soon it was discovered that they all were the same but were looking different because the conditions surrounding them were different. Hence it was given the name lately as the M - theory. No one knows why the name M was given.
After this the theory gets too complicated and even today it has not been able to explain the match between quantum and relativistic mechanics.

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