Sunday, September 04, 2005

My New Blog

This post is dedicated to my new blog which is on quizzing. Long time back I had posted some stuff on this blog related to punchlines, adlines and taglines of companies. I thought it would be unfair to mix my personal blog with this info which can be a very good resource for quizzing. Hence I decided to start a new blog dedicated only to punchlines, adlines, taglines and adslogans of companies and brands.

The web address is:

Every week I will be posting one quiz on this site which will cover one topic. The first one in the series is on Global IT industry and includes Indian and foreign companies. Have a look at it. Comments and Suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...
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Arun R said...


You've been tagged..... visit my blog and look at the post titled "Se7en things.... I've been tagged!!!"