Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ganesh Chaturthi

This post is dedicated to Ganesh Chaturthi which was today. Its been two long years since I had attended Ganesh Pooja at home. The last two years we had poojas in TAPMI itself. It was fun there but usually it was an affair between a few people only. This time I am fortunate enough to be at home with my family on this pious occasion.
Ganesh festival starts today and continues for the next 10 days. Its a very popular festival here in Hyderabad. When we were in Gwalior I never saw the kind of excitement which I see in the people here for Ganesh festival. Close to about 6800 ganesh pandals are being put up in the city. But rains are playing spoilsport as always. The main day occurs when the visarjan ceremony of the ganesha takes place. Its exactly 10 days from the day of chaturthi that is on 17th of September. I read in the newspaper a comment by Deputy Commissioner of Police saying that the visarjan is on saturday and its a great relief for the police for making arrangements. Numerous arrangements have to be made in concern to the traffic diversions and arrangement of special buses and arrangement of cranes on tank bund. Close to 20000 police personnels have been deployed at various locations in the city.
Let's hope the visarjan ceremony happens peacefully and successfully as always.

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