Friday, September 30, 2005


Today one of the pioneers and major players of global outsourcing takes a new name.

GECIS has now taken a new name reflecting both its GE heritage and outlook for the future - GENPACT. This change in name has come, following a change in ownership from GE to General Atlantic and Oak Hill Partners.

In an official statement, the authorities said that the new name communicates generating value, commitment, partnership and impact; and the tagline - Global Business ImpactSM - summarizes our value proposition. The GENPACT logo includes a symbol in the form of a red arrow impacting a blue field. It conveys pushing the envelope, higher margins through better efficiency and effectiveness, re-engineering, and business impact. The symbol also reflects out-of-the-box thinking that is core to our work philosophy.

When GE commercialized its GE Capital International Services unit on December 30, 2004, it began searching for a new name to communicate its heritage and value proposition.Employees and customers suggested names by the hundreds. One of the brainstorms surfaced GENPACT. “We chose it because it so aptly communicates our brand promise - generating value, commitment, partnership and impact,” said Pramod Bhasin, president and chief executive officer.

The company’s tagline is Global Business ImpactSM .

“Global enterprises today want impact,” Bhasin said. “They want partners they can trust to work with them and through process excellence measurably improve their margins, cash performance, and speed to market.”
The GENPACT logo, developed by Interbrand, includes a symbol in the form of a stylized arrow impacting a blue field. “It conveys pushing the envelope, aiming higher, and, of course, business impact,” Bhasin said.

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