Monday, September 26, 2005

Brazillian Grand Prix - A Moment of Ecstasy

The post on a formula one race comes after a very long time. The last post on a formula 1 race was on European Grandprix way back in June.
The Grande Premio De Brasil became the grand prix, which perhaps Fernando Alonso will cherish for his life. Held in the Interlagos circuit in Brazil the Grandprix made Fernando Alonso the youngest formula 1 champion at the age of just 24 years.
The other highlights of the Grand Prix was the 1, 2 finish for the Mclaren team after 4 years. Juan Pablo Montoya took the chequered flag followed by Kimi Raikkonen in the second place 2 seconds behind. It was a great victory for Montoya keeping in mind his failure in the last moments of the race in the last Grandprix. Well Mclaren will cherish this moment for their life. They are leading the Constructors table now with 164 followed by Renault at 162. The driver’s championship is over now. But the constructor’s championship is still on. The next race is the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. It’s the world’s fastest track with speeds of 350 KMPH.
The good part of the race was the return of Ferrari to performance with Schumi finishing on 4th and Barrichello finishing on 6th. This was very important for Ferrari seeing their declining performance in the recent races.
At the end of the day both the campaigns Mclaren and Renault had celebration in their crews. It was a win-win situation for both although the Mclaren’s superb finish could not stop Alonso from becoming the world champion.

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