Thursday, November 24, 2005

Race for Perfection has no Finish Line

As the time change, numerous things change. We all move in a sine wave fashion seeing the ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes good things come first and not so good things come after that. But at certain point in time bad things come first and then the good things start surfacing out slowly. In these situations its our level of perseverance which can help us come out of it. Thinking that problems are really problems and there cannot be any solution to these is a thought which can take one no where excepting near failure.

The desire to succeed is there in every individual whether he is a school going child or a CEO of a multinational. This desire to succeed actually fires the imagination in us and allows us to perform the impossible sometimes. Impossible is nothing. I believe very firmly in this phrase. With dedication, determination, integrity and a strong will one can achieve anything in his/her life. The passion for excellence stimulates the thought process producing extraordinary results. This passion for excellence is the key to success.

A positive attitude towards life is one of the foremost step's one needs to keep in mind before really moving forward to achieve something. A negative attitude towards anything in life will never help us. Positive attitude coupled with a focused thought towards learning new things in life is what the leaders say over and over again.

Perfection has no limits. One can improve ones skill over and over again. There is no point when one can say that "yes I am there" and "I have arrived". A zeal to perform better over and over again is what the race for perfection is all about. What is takes to come out as a High Performer is not a simple job. Endless efforts, single minded dedication towards the goal and close attention to the details make you stand out of the crowd.

A High Performer stands out in a set of people. Whether it is an organization, sports or politics, a high performer sets standards for others to follow and provides a way to others. This high performance comes in after lot of efforts. A high performer is a high growth individual for the organization who can help it to go places and ensure that the competitive advantage of organization sustains in the long term.

It takes a ton to prove oneself but once proven it takes a double ton to keep up that reputation and stature. In an ever changing and highly competitive scenario only a distinct individual with the characteristics of high performer will survive. Setting limits to one self would only restrict the growth of the individual and thereby the performance.

Set unmatchable standards. Think beyond the obvious. Put precision in work. Bring quality to life. Stretch yourself. Exceed the limits. Have the passion for excellence. And. Contribute to your growth.


The Race for Perfection has no Finish Line.

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