Friday, November 25, 2005


The hitech culture of IT industry can give rise to any type of jargon even in our everyday life. I was not knowing that Business As Usual is called as BAU till I joined Polaris. EOD refers to end of day but there is nothing called as SOD. Perhaps the reason being that people prefer EOD more than SOD in any company.

The title of this post is a composite word which comes from two normal english words widely heard in our circle. By now one must have guessed the two words. The first one is Restaurant and the second one is Pub. So stylishly the word has been formed as Restopub. This actually refers to a place which happens to be a restaurant as well as a pub.

Today we went for lunch to a place called as Twister near HiTech City here in Madhapur. There I spotted this trendy name "RESTOPUB". Ofcourse the inside environment does not really look like a restaurant at all by any standards. The place was ideal for drinks only and not for having food as I see it.

Ofcourse one must look at the crowd on a friday afternoon in any one of these restaurants. One cannot get a table without waiting for close to an hour atleast. The crowd consists of people belonging to all the top notch IT companies situated in that area. For the matter of fact those are the set of people the restaurant targets. The age group between 21-25 which is extremely cash rich just like their companies. A normal buffet cost close to Rs. 160 which is much higher by any standards.

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Anonymous said...

It is a restaurant by noon and a pub by the evening.. u shoould check it out now..