Thursday, January 05, 2006

Google and Gmail Play

This post is dedicated to the way Google is playing with my listing in the Google directory. I do not have an idea as to how Google search works but definitely they revise the search algorithms over 15 days once or every week also. I had submitted my site to Google on 2 Apr 2005. After submission on that day, my site has been facing a roller coaster ride in terms of its appearance. Sometimes it appears as the first result when I type Yashasvi Arun, but on other times my blog does not appear even in the last page. Very recently both of my blogs the quiz blog and the personal blog are not coming as the search result when I type my name. They are appearing in pages 5 or 6.
The biggest surprise is that the text "Yashasvi Arun" does not appear fully in any of the entries suggested above. Only in my blog the name appears completely and I do not have any other web presence also. This is one problem I am facing with Google for quite some time.

The other unique problem which I faced today is with Gmail. It happened for the first time although the problem got resolved pretty early when I mailed back Gmail promptly with all the details. The error is “Gmail Lockdown in Sector 4”. I was just checking the answers for my quiz but when I finished checking the answers and clicked on the back, I was taken directly to this screen with the error name. In this error the account home page was replaced with the flippant title: "Lockdown in sector 4!" along with a short explanation of the lockdown. I immedietely referred the Gmail Help and found that the accounts in question had conducted "unusual usage," although the users maintain their innocence. If the account user violates the Gmail usage policy and other agreements, the account is freezed before being released within 1 min to 24 hours.

This is the mail which I got from Gmail Team. This is also the first time I have observed a mailing service closing abruptly.

“Hello, Our system has detected abnormal usage of your Gmail account. As a result, we have temporarily disabled access to this account. It will take between one minute and 24 hours for you to regain access, depending on the behavior our system detected. Your account may be temporarily disabled if, among other things, you are:
  • Sending or receiving an excessive volume of mail·
  • Using any third-party software that automatically logs in to your account and is not supported by Gmail
  • Using certain browser extensions that change the behavior of a Website (Greasemonkey, a popular Firefox extension, often interferes with Gmail We suggest disabling Greasemonkey to use Gmail without any issues.)
For your protection, we ask that you disable any non-supported software before accessing Gmail again. If you feel that access to this account should not have been disabled, Please respond to the following questions:
  • List the date and time of day when you were locked out of the account.
  • What task were you performing when you were locked out? (ex: sending an email, downloading an attachment, etc.
  • Has access to your account been disabled before this occurrence? If so when and for how long?
  • Indicate which of the following, if any, Gmail features you use: POP, auto-forwarding, or Gmail's Notifier
  • Are you using any type of browser extensions? If so, please specify
  • Do you use any third-party software in conjunction with Gmail? If so please specify.

Sincerely, The Gmail Team

Snap Shot of Error

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