Friday, January 27, 2006

100th Post

Here I am. 100th post on the blog. This blog has seen 100 posts till date starting from March 12, 2005 when I had posted my first article on this blog. It has been a long journey wherein I have written articles on numerous topics ranging from IT to Merger and Acquisitions to Politics to the trips I had undertaken last year and a whole lot of things.

Every article on this blog is special to me. Whether its about the Goa trip or its about my passion of Sarbanes Oxley. I believe one of the best posts on this blog has been the one on Oracle Acquisition of I Flex. This post is the most comprehensive post amongst all the posts I have made on this blog.

There was a time when I used to write just about once or twice in a month but then the frequency of posting has increased considerably thanks to DataOne broadband service.

I have not followed a single theme for the blog just because of the simple reason that it creates monotonicity which I hate a lot. I always wanted my blog to express what I feel every moment as the days pass by.

To take my quizzing to new heights I also started a blog on quizzes. This was titled Punchliners and is currently a very famous series among the quiz groups like quinkie, quizkrieg etc.

Hope the action on the blog will continue in the future with increasing amount of activity happening around me.



Gautham Kumar said...

Congrats, Keep going on with the same enthusiasm n spirit. Wish u GOOD LUCK

venkat said...

Good work mate.

Wish to see more and more posting with same level of enthu and energy

Yashasvi Arun said...

Thanks Venkat