Tuesday, May 03, 2005

GOA - Game of Adventure

This post is on one of my best and most enjoyable tours ever undertaken. The trip to Goa.

I like travelling and I have travelled to many parts of India and even stayed in many metro cities of our country thanks to the relatives and people on my dad and mom side. Dad's relatives are spread across the country right from punjab to UP, Gujarat, MP, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra etc. So usually in our summer vacations we used to go to these places. Well travelling as I said is my hobby like thing and I love travelling to the extent it does not make me feel tired.

Among the various tours which I enjoyed the most are the ones of Kedarnath, Our college trip to Vishakhapatnam and a recently concluded one the trip to Goa with my four close friends. They are Amit Vora, Rahul Chapparwal, T V S Chalapathy Rao, Tejas G Sheth. The trips in TAPMI are usually never organized beforehand and there is no clear cut plan ahead as to where we will be going and all. Since we prefer to work the JIT way hence no plans before hand work for us.
Same here. The plan for Goa trip was made by the foursome wholesome the CART (Chalapathy Amit Rahul Tejas). Now they also stand for the acronym CATR which is Cut Above the Rest because I feel they are different. More on it in the next post - GOA 2

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