Sunday, May 22, 2005

Monaco Grand Prix

Other than Internet and computing my interest also lies in the motorsport or Formula 1. This week formula 1 race was held in the Monaco circuit. The Monaco circuit is famous for its settings since it is one of those circuits which is extremely narrow and situated close to the sea and has city roads like atmosphere. The race has 78 laps. Kimi Raikonnen of Mclaren Mercedes emerged as the winner of the race with Nick Heidfeld and Mark Webber both of Williams completing the top three positions on the podium. This is perhaps the best race for Williams in the recent times since BMW Williams was one team which was struggling for form in this season. Ferrari was able to consolidate its position to some extent with both its cars finishing with the points. Monaco Master David Coulthard suffered a collision with Michael Schumacher and was out of the race after that. Our Indian Man Narain Karthikeyen also suffered in the initial stages of the race with the Jordan and came to the pits thrice for the tyre changes leading ultimately to retirement. But in all terms it was the day of Kimi Raikkonen who dominated the race from start to the finish and had a 1 pit stop strategy and running on high fuel. Even the other Mclaren driver the colombian Juan Pablo Montoya also finished the race with 5th postion after the current formula 1 champion Fernando alonso. Alonso was in the 2nd position till 6 laps to go but had to slow down because Renault engine had got heated severely and Alonso was not able to push the car. Kimi Raikkonen's victory came at the time when Mclaren was running in its 200th Grand prix. Nothing can be a better gift for them . It was a second victory in a row for Kimi after the Circuit D Catalunya (Spanish GP). Well looking forward to Nurburgring GP in a week's time. Let's see if Kimi can pull off a third in a row or not.

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