Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Google Moment

Well Well Well a little break from the Goa trip synopsis. Today is one day I will remember for the days to come. For the first time, right from the day I starting blogging, my blog as a website got listed in the google. The keywords are "yashasvi" and "yashasvi arun". One can also type my website name "yashinc" to get to my blog. Its a great achievement because usually google crawls the website in not less than 6 weeks. Well I am posting this essentially to express that Its not tough to get listed in google. What one needs to do is to post regularly for a week and that's it done. My next attempt would be list my website which is coming up within a few days as the first entry in Google on the keyword of "yashasvi". Actually if one types "yashasvi arun" my entry comes first. But if one types the name "yashasvi", my entry turns out to be 6th in the list of search results. So my effort would be now to first increase the "yashasvi" search to the first place. Well that is enough for this achievement. When more new things will happen I will keep posting.

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