Thursday, May 05, 2005


As always days just pass on and we hardly notice them carefully. Usually even I never notice the dates so carefully but I have been looking at them for quite some time now. What is so special about today. Today is 5th May 2005. Ever wondered what's so special about this date. A closer look will tell us some things about this. The date format in the MM DD YY tells us that all the three are the same that is 05-05-05. It is such a rare phenomenon because this happens only once in 1000 years and the event happens on a thursday only once in 7000 years. This info also I got from the umpteen number of yahoo IM which people keep on sending across to their friends.
Last year also a similar kind of event had occurred. When I was doing my summers in Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited, a celestial event took place. It was called as the Transit of Venus. It too happened on a very similar kind of date 08-06-04. Just observe that the three figures in the date are only 2 apart. The photo of this event is also shown below.

On this day venus drift across the face of the sun as Venus passed between the sun and earth. This was one of the rare celestial spectacle and a transit of Venus is so rare that, up to June 8, 2004, no human then alive had witnessed this celestial event. Simple as transits may seem, they are instrumental in defining our place in the cosmos. Historically global expeditions timed transits of Venus to quantify the size of the solar system. Then next transit of Venus is scheduled on June 5-6,2012.
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