Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Search Engines for searching Blogs

A few days back when I was searching for my blog on the web I came across two search engines which are specifically used to search the blogs. These are : http://www.icerocket.com and http://www.technorati.com . Actually Ice rocket is much more advanced than many of the other search engines but its search results are quite a much similar to the Google's only. The search engine offers a button on the top which helps you to search a particular blog or a particular person. It automatically takes the snap shot of the blog and then puts in adjacent to the search result. The icerocket search icon is similar to another site (GIGABLAST) which I had come across when I was in TAPMI (courtesy krish). Ice Rocket is so fast in searching and indexing your blog that a post can take only a few hours before it appears on the Icerocket database.
Technorati has a different mode of search and a little different from the rest of the search engines around on the web. It promotes itself as a RTE (Real Time Enterprise) saying that "What's Happening on the Web Right Now". Actually it specifically tracks Weblogs of users worldwide the photos and related posts. It has a facility of opening an account on the site and then it can track your weblog better. Also it catches from other websites links also. All in all its a great tool for the blog search.

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