Monday, May 16, 2005

The "PIT" Stop

The title of this post actually looks akin to a formula 1 terminology but has actually nothing to do with that. The PIT as we called it is a game played with cards. I will not like to reveal the minute details of the game as it is a very old game and its quite possible that the game may not be in existence. To sum up it is just like making a complete set let us say from ace to one. We had a great time playing the game and as we all know Mr. Vora is absolutely superb in explaining each and every fundamental. There was also counting in the game and negative counts ensured that one always remains in the bottom who were myself and tejas. CP finished at the top how he managed it is still a mystery because it was looking like Vora will once again crack it the A+ way. Rahul as usual had more interest of taking the photographs then playing the game. The major enjoyment factor in the game was (BOOGLE AND BEAR) which almost for half part of the game ended up with me only. On the overall basis game was really very nice and we hope to have it again sometime when we all meet together. Something else also happened on that night but needless to say it cannot be mentioned here.

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