Monday, May 16, 2005

GOA - Day 2 - Dil Chahta Hai

Well I have been writing post on the goa trip for quite a long while and now since it is not looking like it will go to completion soon, I have decided to cut short it and finish it in this or the next post.
The next day was the real enjoyment for all of us. It was day of the trip to the Fort Chappal. The fort chappal is situated on the coast of the vagatore beach. Vagatore beach is one of the coolest, cleanest and private beach in goa since people cannot reach here easily unlike miramar or calungate. The journey to the beach was a true SWADES kind of experience keeping in mind the buses we travelled in.
We reached the Vagatore beach at about 1:00 pm. It was a hot sunday afternoon with mercury rising upto 35-37 degree centigrade. Also the humid weather of Goa makes one feel more sultry and uncomfortable. We had prepared a bit for taking bath in the sea but then encouragement from other corners like CP and Rahul was not there. As usual Mr. Vora was a little disappointed man as he had enormous plans for taking bath in the sea. Soon after our always ready saif ali khan Mr. Tejas joined for sea bathing and then I followed them. It was a nice experience taking bath in a clean water unlike the ones we took in Summer Sands in Mangalore or the Turtle Bay in Kundapura.
Soon after taking bath cleaning oneself and getting into new clothes is a big issue. Somehow I managed to get into the same clothes but without something absolutely essential. Soon the adventure of taking bath in the water ended and we decided to climb up the hill fort.
Now this fort has a history attached to it and was absolutely fundamental for our arrival here. At this fort the shooting of Dil Chahta Hai took place. The photo of mine in this blog has been taken at the top of the fort only. While CP and Poornima had left by the time we started climbing mountain. Amit and Co retired in between because of extreme heat and "outbound" kind of path. On the fort only three of us were there - Rahul (Akshaya Khanna), Tejas (Saif Ali Khan) and ofcourse myself (needless to say who I was). It was altogether a great feeling to be there on the top. It was just like the feeling of the movie. we took so many photos and we really pity all the remaining people who could not make it to the top.
Just have a look at the photo with three of us on the top.

I must say Vagatore beach and the Fort Chappal (may be an ancestral property of Rahul) was one of the most memorable trip for me. By the time we had come down it was 3:30. We walked till the main road and then myself and tejas had the fruit salad at one shop. It was just like heaven and both of us enjoyed it as if we did not have for food for days. Slowly and steadly we walked down the bus stop and took the bus to reach back to hotel.

Meanwhile poornima left on that day and as CP puts in he was free from the duty. That day also we had Pizza at Domino's Pizza for the dinner. It was a birthday treat from Vora and all of us know how tough it is to get a treat from Mr. Vora . Then we came back to the hotel and started relaxing. Soon after that what followed was perhaps the highlight of this trip of us. This marks the end of day 2.

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