Sunday, May 29, 2005

European Grand Prix - Nurburgring

The Formula 1 Grand Prix this sunday was the European Grand Prix at a place in Germany called as Nurburgring. The Nurburgring circuit is close to 60 races old and is famous for its track. On this circuit only thrice the pole position driver has won the race and the race ends as always in a spectacular and dramatic fashion. Even this year it happened the same way. I started following F 1 in the year 2001 and the first Grand Prix which I watched on television was the European Grand Prix only. From the European Grand Prix the FIA changed the rules for the qualifying from two sessions to a single session on saturday which will decide the position for the race on sunday. So the saturday's qualifying was a pretty exciting one with Nick Heidfeld capturing his first ever pole position in the career with BMW Williams. Second place went to Kimi Raikkonen in his Mclaren Mercedes and third place went to Mark Webber again in the BMW Williams. The Race as usual started with no hiccups in the warm up lap but then soon as the 5 red lights had to illuminate and go a few cars started before the lights can go off resulting in yellow flags being waved. But as the race started the next time immedietely the Webber's car got into trouble and Safety car had to come in action. When the Safety car went out and the race started again It was Kimi Raikkonen who took the lead ahead of Nick Heidfeld and emerged as the front runner. There was so much of chaos at the race start that few cars went into the sand gravel and had a tough time coming out of it. Some cars like Redbull of David Coulthard took advantage of it and moved from 11th to the 4th spot. In the middle of the race as cars were closing on the first pit stop David Coulthard became the race leader but his bad luck continues in the Formula 1. Due to speeding in the pit lane he was awarded a 10 second penalty during which he had to stay in the pit and which brought him down to the 6 th place in the tally. On the overall basis the race was absolutely fine with Raikkonen extending his advantage over the next rival by close to 31 seconds to so. But then when it was just about 15 laps to go for completion of the race tyres of Mclaren had given up. The front wheel of Kimi's Mclaren had become flat during the race but then the tyre came upto the last lap of the race but the car's suspension could not last long which was getting terrible vibrations resulting in extensive hammering. Soon when Kimi was about to start its last lap the signs of the car crashing were evident since it was vibrating like anything and the people sitting in the race and the TV viewers were able to find out that. Well when Alonso got to know this through the team radio he immedietely responded to it and started to catch up Kimi. When Kimi was about to reach the end of Lap 59 the car's suspension broke off and front tyre on the rear side came off on the front part of the car and immediete braking by Kimi made the car hit the tyre stands ending his race in an unfortunate fashion. Alonso emerged as the winner of the race and now leads the points tally by 32 points over Raikkonen. Nick Heidfeld came second for BMW Williams and Rubens Barrichello was third for Ferrari. The Race positions are as follows. What a delight to watch the European Grand Prix. I think this will be my last Grand Prix in Hyderabad.

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