Tuesday, May 10, 2005

GOA - Game of Adventure Part 3 - It's Party Time Folks

Well we come back to our Goa trip. The two girls who have joined us in this tour are vaishali who is amit's friend and Poornima who is CP's friend. Well poornima is quite open and mingled very easily with all of us vaishali seems to just a true copy of vora. The first day in Goa is a lazy day since none of us willing to get up from the bed after a bad sleep in the bus. So somehow we all gathered and went to the nearest restaurant for lunch. The lunch was more like a brunch and after finishing that we went to the nearest tourist spot from our place the MIRAMAR BEACH. One of the most popular beaches in Goa since it is centrally located in the city and the only beach which is inside the panjim city. We spent some time there and then one of the worst experience's of the journey begins - "My encounter with SAND".
I really hate sand and that is one reason I do not like to venture into sea bathing and other related activities near a beach.
Imagine getting rolled into sand for some umpteen number of times and then the sand getting into your pants socks shoes shirt and everywhere else.
The second spot where we went on that day is the DONAPAULA. This place has a little of history attached to it which I am not presenting here since it is not very great and it will make the stuff boring. But only this is that here a girl by name paula did suicide. Here also shooting of movies like Ek Dujhe je liye took place and that is one reason why it shot into prominence. Then we has a great time there in quite a number of photographs were taken by our photographer friend Mr. Chappar. We started back from their and by that time some amount of sand had started coming out of my pants. It was some what pleasant. The next spot was the Cruise which I was looking after very much. There also from where we should be buying the tickets. Finally we got the tickets of a nice cruise only. It had some name and I do not remember that now. It was a good trip perhaps value for the 100 rupees spent. There are numerous programs also on the cruise like the foreign dances and once foreign couple among the tourists did show off their dance also. The reason being they were drunk. After we were done with the cruise we walked back and only restaurant which was at our sight looked decent was the QUARTERDECK . The name itself is enough. The food was good and we enjoyed it to the fullest extent after a very long walk. The walk to hotel was perhaps the best. We reached hotel and then first of all I took the bath and then the couple got despatched into their respective rooms. Three of us Tejas Rahul and myself were left behind in the room. What happened thereafter is known only to three of us.

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