Tuesday, May 03, 2005

GOA - Game of Adventure Part 2 - Its the Beginning

Our tour started on 18th of March 2005 soon after we finished all our end term exams of VI term and also our academic activity in TAPMI.
We had booked our tickets in a decent bus which also we caught in an adventurous manner. It so happened that the bus which we were supposed to take actually went without taking us thanks to the communication gap created by the ticket issuer. Somehow just in time we could reach the boarding place. As usual the bus came 1 hour late and we got the most unfortunate seats in the bus the last ones. The seats were good there was not much of a problem. Thereafter I slept and I think rest of the people also slept unless somebody got something more interesting like Tejas. Tejas and CP sat in the front and enjoyed the whole night the baby cries and screams. God bless them.
Early morning at about 6:00 AM we reached PANJIM. Panjim or Panji or Panaji as it is called is the capital of Goa. After getting down when we were just about to forget TAPMI, a person saw my TAPMI T-shirt and called on me and asked me some details.
Then we moved in a taxi which turned out to be the most economical among all modes of transport available in Goa for the time being only. We loaded all the luggages and ourselves also into it and then reached the first temporary accomodation for us in Goa - The Indra Niwas Guest House for the Bank of India employees.
We had to negotiate a little bit with the incharge therein for a big room and we were quite successful in that. I was not involved in that and this was all taken care by Rahul only. Thereafter we got inside and pushed our luggages somewhere and slept on the bed for sometime thereafter Music that too Filmi. I do not like filmi music in the early mornings because I think that is only time one can hear the devotional music.
Well when we got up it was the breakfast time and we all went for the first breakfast in Goa. The restaurant looked great from outside (NAVTARA) but then who knows the inside story we are not NDTV na. We went in and ordered the normal breakfast stuff we used to have in Manipal. The dishes were absolutely average with lot of oil in each of sambhar, curry and chutni. Ok What Looks great from outside need not be good from inside.
Well at this moment we close this entry and move on to the third entry since two more new characters are going to enter into the story from now on and they are of opposite sex. So watch out.

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