Tuesday, May 17, 2005

GOA - Day 4, Dharmik Sthalo ki Yaatra

Well as the title says, day 4 was the day when we took the official south goa which covers all the temples and other tourists spots on the south goa side. The central character of this post is Mr. Mendis our Guide in the bus. He was one of those M S Narayana type of character in telugu movies. Must say he had tremendous knowledge on Goa. But was very "pakao" keeping in mind his jokes. The tour began as usual half an hour late. The tour began with the two famous churches in south goa. The SE CATHEDRAL OF BASILICA and one more I do not remember the name clearly. The churches were absolutely excellent and we really loved it. It has a great history behind it. The next stop are a few temples around panaji city. The main reason why the temples are situated far from the city is that the christian missionaries were destroying all the temples in the panaji city and hence the kings at those times moved these temples out of the town. Well the way we had lunch was really great all the SWADES touch once again to it. In the evening we reached COLVA beach. This is the second longest coastline in India after Marina beach. By the time we came back a few people had drained out of energy amongst us. Then we parted ways I believe. myself Amit and co went for some real great shopping with some goa stuff. CP just went and sat on the panaji main road side. Rahul just sat on the MIRAMAR watching the sunset or something else. Tejas was lying on the bed only. By the time we finished our shopping it was late 9. Then we had a session and we enjoyed it. Soon it was a walk on the pavement and the night just closed slowly taking all of us in.

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