Monday, May 16, 2005

GOA - Day 3, The IDLE Day

As the topic of the post suggests. It was out and out an idle day for us as we literally did not do anything and did not go out also anywhere. In the morning it was the time for shifting as we had to move into the new hotel. The new hotel was very nice. The room was airconditioned and very decent and nice when compared to our earlier accomodation.
As the accomodation was excellent so was the bed and the AC. Soon after that what followed was a sleeping session wherein all the people had slept except for me. Somehow people managed to take bath and I must say taking bath was a delightful experience for me atleast. One bad thing happened our saif ali khan Mr. Tejas G Sheth had fall ill because of some stomach upset and other related problems in the stomach. Poor chap. His absence from the action was missed by all of us. His diet got restricted to only curd rice and water from the unusual ones. We had lunch then when all the people were about to sleep I took the initiative to wake all of them up and ask them to move to the Fort AGUADA . This fort has some history and I do not remember it well. The path to the fort I must say was quite tortuous and had some real outbound kind of experience. Somehow we managed to reach just in time because the fort was about to close. The fort was extremely nice place and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
We returned back at around 8 pm and then I went out to look out for my tickets back to manipal. But unfortunately Goa being a coastal town, the shops close as early as 8:00 PM. When we had come back we had our first ever sitting. I must say it did not provide us with that kind of enjoyment as we used to have in Manipal but then goa is goa. Tejas was on bed only whole of the time and night we went out to have a stroll on the footpath which was adjacent to the Panaji main road. I must say that was one of most enjoyable walks we ever had. We close the third with this.

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