Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Corporate Team Outing

This post is dedicated to my first corporate team outing. Usually in IT companies the management allows all the project teams to go for team outing once in a quarter. The allocated budget depends on the size of the team but usually its sufficient for the team keeping in mind the place its going to visit and associated activities.
Last Saturday that is on 1st of October 2005, I went for my first Corporate Team outing with my CDS team. We were a group of 15 people together with a kid. The kid was a 1st standard son of my Project Manager. The team outing was planned, designed and undertaken end to end by Sai Pavan Kumar, one of the members of our team.
The time decided was 8:45 and we all were supposed to meet in Lulla Center building. But as per Hyderabadi standards 8:45 would mean 9:15 or later only. So by the time all the people arrived it was 9:40 and the bus left from Lulla center at 9:45 or so. It was a long journey close to about 50 KM from Begumpet and about 21 KM from the Chilkur Temple. There was some confusion created by Sai Pavan Kumar but was somehow overcome later.
We reached the venue at 11:00. Meanwhile in the bus we had a great time cracking all kinds of nasty jokes about several people. We reached the venue and there were private parties of 5 more companies. The photo session had begun already in the Lulla Center, thanks to the digital camera courtesy Mahender. We started the day there with a Welcome drink. Of course not to be mistaken for the other kind of drink, it was orange juice. I like the way they welcomed us into the resort. For all the companies they made a private space ensuring that each party had its own privacy. After finishing the welcome drink we moved to the Games space since this was the next destination before we go for lunch.
In the gaming zone, I started with TT but due to bad practice and very hot conditions, I just could not play well. Hence moved out of TT and went to play Snooker. Anyways I do not know the game well and could only manage to play a few shots. KHV, my, in fact our Project Manager arrived at this moment. He had a tough time driving keeping in mind the directions given by one and only Mr. Sai Pavan Kumar. We had a good session playing Snooker and Billiards. KHV and myself played for some time and then few more people joined us. The games session ended at 1:00 PM. Now was the time for the event of the day.
We all came down to the lunchroom at about 1:30 and then KHV made the announcement for the drinks. Who are the takers?
Without any hesitation and delay I raised my hand. Some more people joined us and we had a good time enjoying the drinks. It was hot but I was also thirsty. Since last two months I did not touch it and I thought this is the best time before homecoming begins and there will be numerous issues if optimum performance is not delivered. Anyways after that we had lunch and it was good and wholesome. We were tired after that and took rest for some time sitting and chatting.
After the lunch, the real show began. We took the swimwear from the authorities concerned and then entered the swimming pool. Believe me it was real great fun. I never had so much of fun before in water. The pool was clean and the sun was shining bright. All of us jumped into the pool and then started the next series of game, which included handball, volleyball and what not. It was superb. Except for KHV almost everyone was into the water. A few more incidents happened. Needless to say they are not mentionable here. The experience of swimming pool cannot be expressed here in words. It was perhaps one experience of a lifetime and will be there in my memory forever.
Thereafter we all were very tired. It was long two hours in the water, so tiredness will be there. We had Tea and thereafter a photo session. Sanjeev and myself ended up discussing about the company and other issues. We went to see the rose garden and a few other spots within the resorts. Had Mirchi Bajji and then started our journey back to home.
All in all my first team outing was superb. I just loved it.


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You didn't mention the name of the resort where you went.. pls include the namer of the place