Thursday, October 13, 2005

Homecoming 2005 - Part 2

The next day the morning happened for us at about 9:30 AM. We got up and went for the breakfast in Shri Krishna leela restaurant. It was bad. Anyways we got ready and then started for college. I sat in canteen for sometime and then went to my old home – SysLab. After reaching there I met the junies and the sub junies out there and did a little bit of gyaan baazi here and there. After having interaction with them for about half an hour I left the syslab and then could not meet up with Bombay guys at all since they had left by then. Venki left for chennai by the bus and then all of us came back to college. Six of us were left finally – Raj, Nair, CP, Uncle, Krishna and myself. We all then took the bus and left for Udupi temple. Went to temple it was a nice feeling after a long time. After the temple visit we all landed up at our old destination for all parties, the Pisces restaurant. Started off with the Veg Minnestrone soup and then had a host of dishes. It was nice lunch.
After the lunch we booked a taxi and went to Kaup beach. The last time I went to Kaup beach was on Atharva Quiz on the beach. The weather was good and rain god had shown some mercy on us. Moreover the beach was not crowded. We stayed there for about 2 hours watching the sunset. We started back from there at about 6:30 PM and roamed in KMC Greens for sometime. It was a nice remembrance of the night we had spent out there. Thereafter went back to hotel packed the entire luggage and then went to guzzlers for the final retreat. Only nair and myself were there since raj cp and uncle were involved in the placecom dinner and krish had left by then to Mangalore. Nair and myself had the banarasi paan outside guzzlers, which was one of a kind in Manipal.
We left Manipal at 10 and the bus we boarded had some problem on the seats. I developed rashes on my hands and legs. We reached Bangalore at about 8:30 AM. Then went to CP and Raj’s house. The house is pretty good. Few hours later I left for airport. While traveling saw the big structures of Accenture and Oracle. Anyways reached Airport at 12:30 and got into 1:15 flight somehow and saved three hours. Reached Hyderabad at 2:30 and back to home at 3:00. This way my journey to homecoming ended.


Arun R said...

I was a bit upset abt the fact that just 50 odd ppl frmo our batch turned up. Last year 90 of our immediate seniors had turned up.

But the relation we shared with them cannot be compared to what we share with out juniors, may be thats the reason.

Good to hear that u ppl had fun too.

We went to Sai Parivaar, Pisces, Malpe, KMC Greens, etc. But we spent most of the time in the college, in the canteen, in our corner.

It was fun.

Yashasvi Arun said...

Ya arun u r right neither we shared the chemistry nor it looked as if those people were very very eager to meet us.
Anyways we had fun that's good enough.