Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Relative humor

The title of this post may look very eccentric to most of the reader, but according to me there is something called as relative humor. Over a period of time interacting with different type of people, I realized that every one has a different sense of humor and how one perceives things is quite different from other.
humor can be defined as a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter. Here the different words which constitute the definition have different meaning for different people. The simple reason for this is that we all are different. We believe in different things, we do things differently and what is fun for us may be yawn for the other.
There are no defined standards for humor. That is why humor for Tamilians or Malayalies may not be appreciated by people from let us say Andhra or Karnataka.
Usually humor in southern states is largely influenced by the movies. In telugu movies Brahmanandam plays the key role of comedian mostly. So the situations or jokes said by him become the benchmark for discussion in almost all places. I think it all lies in the way we take the situation into consideration. Sometimes even the most dreaded situations can be made comic with a single dialogue. Similar is the case for tamil or malayalam movies.
The sense of humor in school is different from college. In colleges its different among groups of people. In MBA the sense of humor touches new heights when things which will bring laughter to any person will be discussed.
In a corporate environment, one needs to be very careful while cracking any kind of nasty stuff because of several rules and regulations undergoing. What is humor between PM and BA may not be really humorous for the developers. What is humorous for the developers may sound stupid to the PM or any other senior management. I think the key lies in adaptation.
Well the idea of this post is to bring out the concept of relative humor. Relative in a sense that with respect to whom or what. We need to respect humor from all corners. We really cannot comment that his sense of humor is really bad. Exceptions are always there like Ariel or Champu. They can be really bad. But its all in us. If we cannot laugh lets make someone laugh.

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kya baat hai miyaan....writing about humor n all....any underlying reason why you chose this topic to pen down a few words.....